Sun-X BCA-Registered Company Building and Construction Authority
And a member of the International Window Film Association


Solar Control

Architectural flat glass found on the windows of many offices, industrial buildings and shop fronts is often selected on the basis of its aesthetics. They are seldom able to deal with solar problems such as heat, glare and UV radiation. But by retro-fitting these windows with SUN-X window film, such problems can be dealt with.

SUN-X is a BCA-registered company, as well as a member of the IWFA (International Window Films Association). This gives you assurance of mind whenever you purchase SUN-X films for architectural appplications. SUN-X provides a range of window films to suit your specific need, whether it is heat rejection, glare reduction , privacy or UV-protection.


Safety & Security

The global rise of terrorism has increased awareness on the benefits of Safety and Security Films, otherwise known as Fragment Retentive Films. Safety and Security Films hold glass fragments together when glass breaks, thereby minimizing glass-related injuries and casualties.

Ordinarily, Safety and Security Films provide additional protection against break-ins by making it much more difficult to break the glass. As a BCA-registered company and member of the IWFA (International Window Films Association), SUN-X offers the highest standards in Safety and Security Films.



SUN-X Decorative films provide an extensive suite of designs that allow easy re-styling or retrofitting of your indoor space. Whether you have privacy or glare requirements, we have the right film for your needs.


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