Sun-X BCA-Registered Company Building and Construction Authority
And a member of the International Window Film Association

SUN-X has a wide range of competitively-priced window films that employ various technologies. There are:

1. Dye-based films
Dye-based films use chemicals for its tint. They are generally darker and suitable for privacy purposes. They are non-reflective and do not interfere with electromagnetic signals.
2. Powder-coated films
Powder-coated films are used for a variety of purposes. They are non-reflective, do not interfere with electromagnetic signals, and are cost-effective.
3. Metallized fims
Metallized films are basically polyster-based films coated with thin layers of metals. The layers of metals reflect the sun's heat and glare. They are usually used for heat rejection purposes.
4. Hybrid films
Hybrid films use a combination of dye and metals in their construction to achieve the best of both worlds: a film that is non-reflective, but yet able to reject great amounts of heat.
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